In the previous post we’ve learnt some of the most useful Helm System commands. Now, it’s time to start working with Repositories.

Helm Repositories or Repos are essentially catalogues containing packages or applications that are ready-made for installation. All you need to do to use these repos is to be able to list them, search and finally pull Helm Charts from them into your Helm environment.

More details: The Chart Repository Guide and Helm/Artifact Hub

Helm Repositories

Let’s start with repos which are essentially catalogues of already packaged applications. You’ll normally add these repos into your Helm environment and then reference or pull Helm Charts from them.

More details: helm repo cli

Add Chart Repository

helm repo add [REPO NAME] [REPO URL]

List Chart Repositories

helm repo list

List Chart Repository

helm repo remove [REPO NAME]

Update Information on Chart Repositories

helm repo update

Helm Search

So we have our Helm Repos added locally, next task we need to do is to find the Chart we need. The search command provides that facility to search repositories for any keyword match.

More details: helm search cli

Search Helm Hub

helm search hub [KEYWORD]

Search Helm Repo

helm search repo [KEYWORD]

Helm Pull

Finally, we’ve found the Helm Chart we need in a repo. Last thing to do now is to download it with the pull command. This will in effect download the compiles/packaged Chart to your file system into a designated location.

More details: helm pull cli

Pull Chart – Latest Version

helm pull [REPO NAME]/[CHART NAME]

Pull Chart – Specific Version

helm pull [REPO NAME]/[CHART NAME] --version [CHART VERSION]

Pull Chart to Specified Location


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