Welcome to QbitUniverse

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is what makes QbitUniverse stand out from the crowd. The universe of QbitUniverse is all about technology, innovation, cloud, programming and digital transformation.


Architecting solutions of any size from small system to system integrations to complex digital platform initiatives built on hybrid-cloud, containers, Kubernetes, and Dynamics 365 at the core.

Architecting low level software components, including code level design, dependencies, and patterns on front- end and back-end stack. Architecting high level infrastructure components based on cloud, multi-cloud, and on- premises hybrid implementations.

Cloud Technologies

Experience in hands-on development, automation and architecture of cloud-based solutions. Proficient with concepts such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Serverless, Integrations, API Management and Kubernetes (AKE, GKE, EKS).

Certified Practitioner with the top three clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP. Continuously learning and expanding cloud knowledge across all the cloud offerings.

Digital Transformation

Proficient in communicating low level code implementation as well as architectural paradigms to non-software engineering audience and stakeholders. Therefore, providing a “peace of mind”, stability and confidence in technology choices at the stakeholder and business level.

Always focused on re-usability at any level of solution architecture, from code, through to cloud resources, to automation. Strong supporter and believer in mesh architectures “MASA” built on small reusable Docker containers and Kubernetes.

Software Engineering

Managing product development cycle using Scrum & Kanban, writing software and low- level code requirements, performing code reviews, appraising, and managing software engineers.

Helping software engineers realise their full potential by promoting innovative thinking and self-development, resulting in future proofing organisations for the opportunities technology will bring in coming years.


Adopted AI to benefit organisations with client risk assessments for AML and Money Laundering checks. Future aspirations are to leverage AI in all aspects of software and solution architectures.

Aspiring to utilise Quantum Computing in field of software engineering to help make predictions and solve compute-intense problems much more efficiently and faster.