In the previous post we’ve looked into Helm Repositories which are catalogues of applications (Helm Charts) that can be simply pulled (downloaded) into your Helm environment.

Suppose that you don’t really want to use external Helm Charts and you’d want to actually package your own application so that it’s ready for deployment to your Kubernetes platform?

Finally, it’s time to look into creating and packaging your own Helm Charts.

More details: Charts Guide

Helm Create

OK, so let’s start with nothing and end up with "something" very quickly. The create command is essentially going to provision you and an entire Helm Chart Directory containing all the building blocks required for a valid Helm Chart.

More details: helm create cli

helm create [CHART NAME]

Helm Dependencies

Moving beyond a simple Helm Chart you can also nest dependencies which are in effect other Chart you Helm Chart depends on. These will be installed with your Helm Chart deployment. The dependency command will allow you to manage these.

More details: helm dependency cli

List Helm Chart Dependencies

helm dependency list [CHART NAME]

Update Helm Chart Dependencies

helm dependency update [CHART NAME]

Helm Lint

So we got to a stage where we have Helm Chart created and ready to be packaged. The lint command will allow you to validate or examine your Chart to make sure it is well-formed.

More details: helm lint cli

Lint Helm Chart

helm lint [PATH TO CHART]

Lint Helm Chart and its Dependencies

helm lint [PATH TO CHART] --with-subcharts

Lint Helm Chart in Strict Mode

helm lint [PATH TO CHART] --strict

Helm Package

At this point we have verified our Chart with the lint command and we are confident it’s well-formed. Let’s go ahead and package it.

More details: helm package cli

Package Helm Chart

helm package [PATH TO CHART]

Package Helm Chart setting App Version

helm package [PATH TO CHART] --app-version [APP VERSION]

Package Helm Chart setting Version

helm package [PATH TO CHART] --version [VERSION]

Helm Show

The final command is all about work with already packaged Charts. The show command lets to inspect an existing chart or its individual components.

More details: helm show cli

Show Chart’s All Information

helm show all [CHART NAME]

Show Chart’s Definition

helm show chart [CHART NAME]

Show Chart’s README

helm show readme [CHART NAME]

Show Chart’s Values

helm show values [CHART NAME]

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