Backup MySQL Database with Docker

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mysqldump is used to run backups of MySQL databases and it is also available in an containerised format – using Docker.

Docker is becoming an increasingly popular way of packaging and distributing software. With its Docker Hub ecosystem of ready-made images it has never been easier to try new technologies – without installing anything other than Docker on your machine.

The following commands will allow you to backup your MySQL easily and in an instant.

Backup All MySQL Databases

docker run -it mysql:latest /usr/bin/mysqldump -h [MYSQL HOST] -u [MYSQL USERNAME] --password=[MYSQL PASSWORD] -f --all-databases > mysql_all_databases_backup.sql

Backup MySQL Database

docker run -it mysql:latest /usr/bin/mysqldump -h [MYSQL HOST] -u [MYSQL USERNAME] --password=[MYSQL PASSWORD] -f [MYSQL DATABASE NAME] > mysql_database_backup.sql

Backup MySQL Table

docker run -it mysql:latest /usr/bin/mysqldump -h [MYSQL HOST] -u [MYSQL USERNAME] --password=[MYSQL PASSWORD] -f [MYSQL DATABASE NAME] [MYSQL TABLE NAME] > mysql_table_backup.sql

Finally, if you are running your WordPress site on MySQL then you might be interested in Changing MySQL Database Settings in WordPress.

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