Kubernetes Cluster Cheat Sheet

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Kubernetes Cluster Cheat Sheet for use with kubectl cli.


View Memory/Cpu Usage

kubectl get nodes --no-headers | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I {} sh -c 'echo {}; kubectl describe node {} | grep Allocated -A 5 | grep -ve Event -ve Allocated -ve percent -ve -- ; echo'

View Memory/Cpu Top Nodes

kubectl top nodes



kubectl create secret docker-registry k8s-auth --docker-server [REPO NAME] --docker-username [USERNAME] --docker-password [PASSWORD] --docker-email sample@sample.com

Cluster Info

kubectl cluster-info

Api versions

kubectl api-versions


View kube config

kubectl config view

Get all

kubectl config get-contexts

Use one

kubectl config use-context [CONTEXT NAME]

Delete Context config

kubectl config delete-context [CONTEXT NAME]

Delete Cluster config

kubectl config delete-cluster [CLUSTER NAME]



kubectl get services kube-dns --namespace=[NAMESPACE NAME]


Stats image

kubectl run curl --image=[IMAGE NAME]:curl -i --tty

Stats all

kubectl run curl -i --tty


kubectl run -i --tty bb-1 --image=busybox /bin/sh

Wide output

kubectl get pods|svc|etc -o wide

Yaml output

kubectl get pods|svc|etc -o yaml


Port Forwarding

kubectl port-forward [POD NAME] [LOCALHOST PORT]:[POD PORT] -n [NAMESPACE]
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